Ultra Violet| CBD: 11 - 17 % THC: 0.07%

Sweet cherry nose with the smell of grapefruit sugar. A few drops of pepper and earth come out from the back. Flavors: sweet and smooth inhalation with an exhale of purple grape after tone.

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Mountain Mango | CBD: 17% THC: 0.3%

Highly productive, stable and highly resistant to botrytis variety, stabilized in the tropics, grown under a greenhouse. Its productivity, cannabinoid profile, low THC content and THC / CBD radius, generate efficiencies and substantial savings in extraction and post extraction processes.

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+593 096 129 4807
+593 096 129 4807


Mountain Mango is some of the sweetest hemp we’ve tasted. It sets bud really quickly and can grow to a massive size. Great calyx development, frosty and sticky.



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